Ladies, There’s No Substitution

Hello! As a Maxercise student and someone that likes to try new things (except for escargot-sorry, it’s just never happening) I have tried a couple of the programs at the Academy. I’ve loved some, shrugged and said “meh” to others, and through this experiences I felt I wanted to say something to ladies who might be interested in trying out some of the programs at Maxercise. I wrote this over at my own blog, but wanted to share the love over here as well.

For any woman who may be interested in training in Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Muay Thai, whatever if may be, I have one very simple, but true piece of advice:

Just do it.

I’m not endorsing any Nike products (although if they want to send money my way, I totally wouldn’t complain) but there’s truth to the statement. There are a million ways to say it, but there’s no substitution for actually trying something new and different for yourself.

So what if you fall on your ass a couple of times? So what if you turn right instead of left like everyone else? Life also involves making an ass out of yourself. ::shrug:: We can’t be rockstars all the time. New experiences in times like these go best with a healthy dose of humility and an open mind. If you have the right instructors, they will be patient and guide you through those first few steps, because that is what they are there for: to mentor beginners, challenge the more advanced, and guide and encourage everyone to continue growing and advancing.

Some people may look at you funny for choosing to try something different. You know what I say to that? They are not you. Therefore, YOUR decision is the one that truly matters in the end.  And anyway, what will you regret more? Trying something and not liking it, or not doing something (non-life threatening) because someone talked you out of it?

Anyway, that’s what I think: go out there and Doooo iiiiiit!

About the author


Katie is a 4-Stripe Blue Belt in Jiu-Jitsu, a Green Belt in Judo, and writer of skirtonthemat.wordpress.com. She also works frequently with Kettlebells at Maxercise. And she hates writing bios.