Sunday…A Day of BJJ…What Could be Better?

So we started the day off, EARLY, with our Team Training. We are conducting a roughly 10 week training camp in preparation for the 2011 Pan American Championships in LA. In addition to our regularly schedule BJJ Classes in Philly, we have a few times a week for “Team Training”, Sunday being the most important. We usually meet every Sunday for a couple of hours of specific Competition Team Training. This also allows time for me to train instead of always teaching. When I am teaching a class, I do not make others sit so I can train, as the Head Coach, it is my sacrifice for the better of the team and the class. I do not like when instructors make lower ranks or paying students sit out of training if the numbers are odd, so they can train. But in saying that, on Sunday or during Team Training, it is my time to be selfish. All Competition Team members understand this as well as the students who are invited to come to these special classes. I was about to type step by step what these classes entail, but then realized, although it isn’t a trade secret, it is our method and best left alone. I will say it is 2 hours of non-stop technique, situational and live training. We end with some extra conditioning with body weight exercises or Kettlebell Drills.

Team Training

This morning we started 3 hours early as there was a Pablo Popovitch seminar this afternoon that we attended. We had a great turnout for being so early, even our Delaware guys made the trip…..side note* they haven’t missed a team training yet! I cannot say that about the Maxercise main academy group, you know who you are. :-)

The Pablo Popovitch seminar was good. I will say that every time I go to a seminar, hear about a seminar or have people come in for a seminar, I always see or hear the same things we are already teaching and details my white belts already know. I am not saying I know as much as any of the people conducting the seminars, what I am saying is that we are on the right track and our instruction is second to none. I realize  I am the instructor, and it may sound that I am praising myself, and I guess I am a little, but it is more that my studies are in the right areas and the details I have either been taught or have learned after 1000s of hours on the mat are correct.

So all in all a great day of BJJ in Philly and I am excited to get the week started tomorrow. I am thinking of what series we will cover and what throw we will make a staple of our warm ups this week…………it may rhyme with “lie on no she” didn’t! :-)

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