4 Hour Body – Timothy Ferriss

If you guys haven’t checked out this NY Times Best Seller, The 4 -Hour Body by Tim Ferris, it is worth a read. Not only is it a very interesting book, Tim gives Maxercsie a great shout out!

Before this part, he’s talking about a woman that went from 250 lbs to a shredded 130 mainly through kettlebells.

“In 1999, I made thrice-weekly pilgrimages from Princeton to Philadelphia where I trained at a gym called Maxercise. For the 45 minute workout that justified the trip, I was commuting more than two hours. Steve Maxwell, the owner of Maxercise, was a six time Pan American gold medalist in Brazilian jiu-jitsu (two world championships came later) and held a master’s degree in exercise science. His clients ranged from the FBI and Secret Service to the Phillies and Dodgers. His singular focus was on measurable results. If something didn’t work, it didn’t last long with Maxwell.”

“ I first met kettlebells on a frigid winter evening in Maxercise’s second-floor torture chamber. They were generally reserved for fighters and aspiring strong men. Most of the high-velocity kettlebell movements like “the snatch”, considered standard for training programs, didn’t combine well with my injured shoulders. I abandoned kettlebells after two sessions.”

The rest of the chapter is about how he got back into kettlebells and thinks the kettlebell swing is the ultimate exercise movement.

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