Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Women Kick Ass

My Girls Kick Ass, it’s true. We are always very proud to say how many women we have training in our Grappling programs, whether it be Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or Judo. What makes this such a wonderful thing is the type of Art we study. Since it is grappling (Wrestling), there are always personal space issue that men and women have to overcome. For women the idea of having to wrestle with a man in class does not sound appealing, but here at Maxercise we have over a dozen women who do that every day! Doesn’t sound like a lot, but for BJJ and Judo, it is a whole lot. There are many BJJ schools that do not have any women at all.

The benifits for women are, in my opinion, greater for women then men. When talking in terms of Self Defense most women aren’t gonna get into a street fight, or bar room brawl, its going to be a man vs. women, getting grabbed and assaulted.  And where does the struggle generally end up? That’s right, on the ground, where if you’ve been studying BJJ you should feel right at home and ready to defend yourself. Don’t listen to me, watch this video one of our female students made about the other women who train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with her at Maxercise.

Maxercise Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Women\’s Team in Philadelphia

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