Martial Arts Summer Camp for Kids at Maxercise in Philadelphia

It’s that time of year again…kid’s are almost done school for the year and their parents are busy trying to figure out what to do with them all summer. Well, we have a pretty good answer. For the third year in a row Maxercise is proud to host our Martial Arts Summer Day Camp for Kids! Our “Little Warriors Summer Camp” is a day camp geared specifically for the child who is interested in learning some martial arts skills along with the usual summer camp fun of;  field trips, games, and crafts. We have opened up registration for kids ages 4-12 years old and the first day of camp is June 10th! We can’t wait to start back up with the best Martial Arts Summer camp Philadelphia has to offer. So if you are looking for something to occupy your child this summer, look no further than our camp, we will ensure your child is not only having the time of their life but also learning important skills; like focus, teamwork, listening, and discipline. Contact us a call today to save your spot!

About the author


Maggie has been training at Maxercise since 2007. She is currently a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and an assistant instructor. She also is a certified Maxbells Kettlebell Instructor and is now beginning to learn Judo.