New Muay Thai Classes in Philadelphia!

Starting in March, Maxercise will offer  new Muay Thai classes in Philadelphia. We will also have a new Head Instructor running our program, Jesus Cruz. Here is some info on Jesus:

Jesus Cruz - young

As a member of Golden Fist Martial Arts I have come to achieve many of the goals I sought to accomplish. Under the wing of Master Gregory Puriefoy I have earned three black belts; a 1st Dan in Tang Soo Do Moo De Kwon, a 2nd degree in Choi Kwon Do, and Last a 3rd Don in the Golden Fist Martial Arts System. Along  the way I learned Wah   Lum kung fu in fatal flute and long spear, the kama or Okinawan sickle,  Japanese Katana or sword, and many other weapons aswell. I have some studies in Gracie Brazilian jiu jitsu, capoeira, but came to find a strong love for muay thia kickboxing.  Starting martial arts at 6 years old did not come easy but with the help of my master my dreams became reality. I had come to him at 8 years old and said ” Sir, I’m tired of losing, how can I win?” His responds will never leave me,” Jesus, perfect practice… makes perfect.” From that day forth the gym became my second home. I went on to compete in local tournaments in Philadelphia  and started to win 3rd places in forms and sparring at a beginner level. The competitions grew larger and trips became farther. Korean Karate had become second nature like walking and talking. Invitations to Nationals like the Florida Open, the World Karate Association or WKA invitational, and the U.S. Open were just a few that I can name that requested my presents. I had come to receive national recognition in forms, sparring, weapons, and breaking in all of the highly recognized circuits including the world renowned ISKA and NASKA circuits and maintained top ten statues for 2 years. These accomplishments were obtained by the age of 12 but my drive did not stop there. I had come to a point were the struggle of being a novice had returned when I started to learn Muay Thai. The first time I saw the Wai Kru Ram Muay or Ring Dance of the Fighter was love at first sight. The cracking of the Thai kicks shin to shin, standing grappling, knees, punches, elbows, low kicks were all fascinating and new to me and new here to many in the U.S. it being 1993. I was determine to learn it all and give it the same focus as I had done to all of the many arts I learned. There was something different this time, there was a stronger determination needed, a more focused and learned student. Dedicating myself once again with the help of fellow fighters like World Champion Rami Ibrahim and coaches like Dave Lowe, Tony “The Tiger” Jones I became the Junior Lightweight State Champion under the sanction of the United World Muay Thia Association. History came to repeat itself here in the sence that the competitions grew larger and had become farther in distance. One of my most memorable competitions was the one for the ISKA North American title against Jason Felton from Mike Miles Canadian Team. That fight was not a win for me but I didn’t go home a Loser. I know that what ever decision was given, I gave it my all.

After a short absence from competing I started teaching privately to fighters looking to take it to the next level or those looking to shed some weight or get toned. Since then I have dedicated my time to programs like Big Brothers Big Sisters,  Los Ninos (underdeveloped educational programs in south america)  to name a few organizations.  Helping others is helping yourself, this is one of the fundamentals JCMA is built upon.

We at Maxercise are excited to have Jesus on the team and are also excited to grow our Muay Thai in Philadelphia program. Our class times are Tuesday and Thursday from 6-7:30pm. These classes are beginner friendly as well as for the seasoned fighter. Soon we will add a new sparring only class on Saturday for the advanced students. Stay tuned for information regarding our new Thai Cardio classes to be offered on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 12-12:30. These classes will be high intensity fitness classes utilizing key components from traditional Muay Thai. These classes will be for men and women wanting to get their butt kicked at lunch time!

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