Maxercise Competition Team Heads to the IBJJF Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship in Irvine, CA!

On March 24th-27th Maxercise will be sending 11 of its best competitors to the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation’s Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship in California! This is a very prestigious tournament with all of the big names in BJJ heading to compete from all over the country as well as the world. Maxercise Competition Team has been putting in extra training sessions and really doing the hard work it takes; like training 6 days a week, adding Kettlebell conditioning, and dieting like crazy, to prepare for such an event. Tomorrow will be the team’s last Sunday Competition Training before the tournament and will be probably the hardest as well as the easiest of all so far. Hardest because we know this is our last chance to fine tune each technique, get our game plan down and really imagine what it will be like in that stadium. Easiest because we’ve put the work in, have come every weekend for months and are as prepared as we can be, all thats left is to go to California, get on the mat, and go to work. We’ve never had a stronger Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team here in Philadelphia and we are so proud and excited to send so many. Here’s the Pan Ams Team:

John Disimone- Brown Belt, Senior 2, Leve
Maggie Bertonazzi- Purple Belt, Adult, Pena
Mike Bannon- Purple Belt, Adult, Leve
Shannon Sofield-Purple Belt, Master, Medio
Katharine Lantz-Blue Belt, Adult, Medio
Max Christian- Blue Belt, Adult, Pesado
Mike Deuber-Blue Belt, Senior 1, Leve
Isaac Rivera- Blue Belt, Adult, Pluma
Shawn Bodio-Blue Belt, Senior 1, Leve
Leandro Vioto- Blue Belt, Adult, Medio
Kyle King-Blue Belt, Adult, Leve

Check out the website for more info on all the fighters we are sending!
We hope to return with at least 11 golds, fight hard, and fight well. Will update with results and pictures.

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Maggie has been training at Maxercise since 2007. She is currently a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and an assistant instructor. She also is a certified Maxbells Kettlebell Instructor and is now beginning to learn Judo.