Maxbells Kettlebell Certification in Philadelphia!

It’s that time of year again, time for Maxercise/Maxbells to certifiy another batch of MKC Instructors! For those unfamiliar with what that is, MKC is the “Maxbells Kettlebell Certification” which is a Kettlebell Instructor course for Personal Trainers and Group Class Instructors. We have been doing Kettlebells for a very long time here at Maxercise, and were the first gym in the country to offer group Kettlebell classes as well, so we’ve got a ton of information and skill learned over the years which we impart on the participants. A little history about Maxbells/Maxercise….It all started 20 years ago when Steve Maxwell opened Maxercise above a Dollar Store on Chestnut Street. Over the years many different training methods and systems were tried, new, old, ancient and invented, with mixed success. But with all that experimentation and trial comes methods that are proven effective. This is how Maxbells, Maxercises own Kettlebell system was born. Maxercisie’s current owner and head trainer and coach, John Disimone III was there in the beginning when Kettlebells were just starting to gain some note in this country as an effective strength and conditioning workout option. Since then, John and the other MKC instructors at Maxercise have taught thousands and thousands of group classes, not to mention the countless personal training sessions and certifications all over the country and world. Which is what was held right here at Maxercise this past Sunday, a Level 1 MKC Kettlebell Certification, with a whole new crop of certified instructors that will be teaching Kettlebells around the country. If you are a personal trainer, group class instructor, or martial arts school; such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Karate, Muay Thai or any other, owner adding a Kettlebell Certification to your skill set is a great way to keep your training methods fresh and also extremly effective, both for general fitness and fat loss as well as to compliment Martial Arts or Sports specific conditioning. Good luck to our recent MKC graduates and let’s get out there and spread the word about Kettlebell Fitness!

About the author


Maggie has been training at Maxercise since 2007. She is currently a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and an assistant instructor. She also is a certified Maxbells Kettlebell Instructor and is now beginning to learn Judo.