Maxercise celebrates 20 years in Philly!

Maxercise – a name that’s synonymous with fitness and martial arts is celebrating its 20th year in Philadelphia. Maxercise has had a long history with Philadelphia’s fitness industry. A perfect blend of a Kettlebell gym and a Martial arts training academy, Maxercise is home to many Mixed Martial Arts fighters and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champions.
Since the begining, Maxercise has always been a place for innovation– for introducing new, distinctive ways to work out, and changing up the old ways as well . It was the first school on the East Coast to introduce a Brazilian/Gracie Jiu Jitsu program to its students. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a martial art and combat sport utilizing chokes, and joint locks to gain submissions. This program has been a roaring success because of its realistic, real-world approach towards self-defense and as a sport. Maxercise has trained many students, who had absolutely no prior knowledge of the sport; but now, hold regional, national and international titles. What’s more, Maxercise has a large percentage of women who actively train and compete on thier Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team.
Similarly, Maxercise holds the distinction of being the first Kettlebell gym in the nation. Around a decade ago, when Kettlebells were unheard of, Maxercise was home to the first Kettlebell Group class in the nation. Kettlebell training is a comprehensive total body workout, which accomplishes maximum work in the shortest time possible. The instructors at Maxercise are certified Kettlebells instructors and have been training with them and teaching for years. Maxercise has devolped its own system of Kettlebell training, “Maxbells”, which also offer teacher certifications for trainers who which to add Kettlebells to thier skill set.
As a Mixed Martial Arts academy, Maxercise has trained its students in Muay Thai boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Submission Grappling. The trainers for these programs are all active fighters who hold records and are certified instructors. Maxercise has perpetually strived to bring in new methods to work out and condition not just its competitve athelete but the average person as well. They have fortified their brand further by introducing thier Martial Arts for Kids program, powered by the well-established Philly Karate. They now, in addtion to all the adult classes, have: After School Karate and BJJ with school pickup service, Little Ninjas(for 3-5 year olds), Kid’s Karate, Kid’s BJJ and No-gi, and Teens MMA. There will also be an 11 week Martial Arts Summer Camp for kid’s ages 6-12 starting up in June!
For the past twenty years, Maxercise has been standing strong at the same location. It’s almost a landmark in Philadelphia now! When John J. Disimone, III took over Maxercise in 2006, he brought with him a wealth of knowledge and teaching experiance. He is the head Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor and Judo instructor. John along with Steve Maxwell – are responsible for the evolution of Kettlebell training, not only n Philadelphia, but the World.
Though the Center City location has been unchanged, Maxercise did undergo a facelift in 2006. After John Disimone took over, there was a complete renovation of the whole academy adding in locker rooms, showers and extras like towel services for the clients.
A notable point is that Maxercise has served thousands of clients for the past twenty years and continues to do so by conducting classes at various times throughout the day. They have conveniently timed morning, afternoon or evening classes being conducted six days a week. With all these benefits in tow, Maxercise has been the obvious choice for a lot of Philadelphians over the past twenty years. Their expert trainers, world class facilities coupled with time tested experiance has made Maxercise a favored choice. In a span of twenty years, Maxercise has bagged the Best of Philly award multiple times. In these two decades, Maxercise has been featured in Philadelphia Magazine and accolades have been showered on the various programs it offers.
Maxercise is grateful for all the support shown towards them over the years in Philadelphia and hopes that they can continue to help people achieve a heathier and fitter lifestyle for 20 more years. To show their appreciation, Maxercise is now offering a 30 Day Free Trial for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Judo, Kettlebells, and the Children’s Martial Arts Program. Please visit www.BJJ4Free.com, or call (215) 928-1374 to schedule a free consultation and intro class.

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