ADCC Trials – New York

This past weekend, prior to the Storm of the Century, we took a few athletes up to New York to compete at the Abu Dhabi Pro Trials, held at Queens College. Stevie Linton, Katie Lantz and Kyle Huang where the Maxercise representatives. Kyle started off the day in the light weight blue belt adult division. He won his first two fights and lost is third. After a 3 hour delay, Katie and Stevie finally got to step on the mat. Katie’s first match was against a tough black belt. Katie looked very good in the beginning, but eventually got into some bad positions which eventually cost her the match. Stevie had a long first match with a lot of stand up, that eventually ended up on the ground where he was able to open up and secure the win. His second match was a battle against another good black belt which ended up with a loss for Stevie. All of the Maxercise competitors showed all the others in their divisions, that they are always contenders and to be taken seriously when they see their names across from theirs on the bracket. ADCC Pro Trials will conclude our tournament year, not including our In House here in Philadelphia, December 1st and 2nd, but for any other events between now and 2013. Throughout the year we have grown so much as a team, not only in numbers but in technique, spirit and heart. As the ADCC athletes showed last weekend, we always come with all of those things to every event to ever match. We will hit 2013 strong and continue this momentum we have built over the past 11 months. Win or lose, I am always so proud of my guys and girls who step up and on to the mat in competition and look forward to the accomplishments we will achieve in the future……

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