Friday, what a day!

Today was a long but great day! We had Free Private Sessions in BJJ and Kettlebells scheduled all day long.  Along with meeting some great new people we also have quit a few new members as a result. The scheduling of Free Private Sessions is something we have not done at Maxercise in several years. The problem in the past was people making appointments and not keeping them and then you have an instructor sitting around. As of late, due to our better people skills over the phone, potential members have been very good about keeping their scheudules and if not, calling us ahead of time to reschedule. With this success, we will offer a Free Private Session for all new members.

The classes on Friday were packed and the energy all day was amazing! With all the new members and the hard training everyone seems to be very happy. The evening BJJ class had over 20 students and everyone trained very well. We did several live sets after 10 minutes of situational training of the technique series we did all week. Starting next week I will make sure to post regularly of what technique series and throw we are doing for that week for all members and affiliates. So back to the class, after several hard sets, we stopped the class and recognized one of our students who was celebrating her birthday. We have started a new tradition of a set of “King of the Hill” for the bithday boy or girl. Sarah turned 22 yesterday, so we had everyone sit along the wall and had all the BJJ Girls come out, with Sarah in the center. Although we were missing some of our All Women’s BJJ Team, Sarah was surrounded by 6 of her Female teammates. I set the clock for 5 minutes and win or lose, one by one, they all came in to fight with Sarah. First person to score wins, regardless Sarah had to stay in. It was so exciting and the whole room was cheering for Sarah. Now, remember, she had a very long BJJ class, trained several sets prior, busted her hand last class, (it’s all taped up and black and blue) and she fought like a warrior! It was a very nice celebration in true Maxercise style. We are all very proud of her and hope she was able to still enjoy her Birthday evening!

The BIrthday Girl

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