Developed by fitness leader and Kettlebell expert Steve Maxwell and his first kettlebell guinea pig, John Disimone, MaxBells are ready to give anyone a total body workout with unique and proven techniques in a private or classroom setting.  No matter your current fitness level, age, or sex, our classes are structured to take everyone involved to their potential.


All kettlebell instructors at Maxercise are certified Maxbell instructors. Led by Senior MKC Instructor John Disimone, all our MKC Instructors are ready to give an awesome workout in just 30 minutes.


The beauty of being the first kettlebell gym in the nation means that there is no question about our level of experience.  Teaching bells in a class setting was, and still is, nearly unheard of in most of the country.  Our instructors are trained to be the best qualified and the best prepared to take a group of people and give all of them what they are looking for out of a single class.  The dynamic range of movements are easily customizable for a more intense workout or for a beginner’s experience level.  Classes are structured so that everyone gets the attention and guidance they need.  Nobody gets left behind, and you really feel the instructor pulling right there with you.


The first impression of kettlebells is often that they are rough hunks of iron better suited for men.  This perspective couldn’t be more wrong.  There is no reason to feel the least bit intimidated.  Maxbell’s trained instructors, both male and female, will quickly and easily guide you to see what beautiful fine-tuning instruments they can be.  More and more women across the country are realizing that kettlebells are one of the best body sculpting tools they could hope to come across.  All of our classes are a mere half an hour long, yet the super-efficient system maximizes results in short, time-managed sessions perfectly tailored to each student.  With proper use, the dynamic qualities of the bells and the customization and care of our instructors will reward you with a beautiful, healthy physique.


In law enforcement, your body is really the most important tool for the job.  Proper conditioning of this tool is essential to survival when faced with the day-to-day treacheries of the streets.  The ideology of kettlebell training is tailor-made for this type of conditioning.  Kettlebells combine the explosive power of plyometrics and the strength training of weights while creating a completely rounded workout leaving your muscles stretched as they are conditioned, all in the same half hour session.  The unique shape of the bells and the movements of the Maxbells program create functional strength and endurance that will last for days.  This could easily be the difference that apprehends a perpetrator or saves yours or someone else’s life.  We have classes throughout the day in order to accommodate any schedule.


If our freedom is in your hands, why not make them the strongest hands possible?  Similar to law enforcement, the military man or woman’s life depends upon their physical abilities.  Kettlebell training has long been the staple of strength and conditioning of Russia’s military groups.  More recently, it has been adopted and embraced by the elite ranks of the United States military as well.  A large portion of kettlebell instructors are affiliated with notable elite military and government organizations.  Maxbells founder Steve Maxwell has been sought out to work with various US Government agencies, including DEA, Secret Service, and FBI, and his system reflects the demands of those agencies.

For Everybody!

Maxercise has the distinguished honor of being the first Kettlebell gym not only in Philadelphia but in the whole country! If you’re looking to lose fat, get fit, and tone up, then it only takes 30 minutes and a lot of sweat to make you a believer. Schedule your FREE Kettlebell intro session today!

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